Skrimp's Models

Designs for fantasy sex toys

Hello! My name is Mako and I create 3D models for dongs!If you're interested in a design click the link below. If you're interested in a commission, send me an email with the button at the bottom of the page!


ABOUT MEI've been creating art for as long as I can remember. I have a passion for character design and monsters and I'm excited to share my work with the community! I'm very friendly (imo) and I'm more than open for some chatting if you're interested!I am pro-fiction, otherkin and disabled. I feel like these aspects of me are part of why I got into sculpting and into fantasy toys, and why I may make specific design decisions!


Fantasy Toy Models For sale!

Feel free to email me or send me a DM on Twitter to inquire about a model.

Available Models

They're organized by newest to oldest, from top to bottom!

Alkonost$450 + 1 copy

Spyke$300 + 1 copy


$450 + 1 copy


$300 + 1 copy


$300 + 1 copy


$300 + 1 copy


$500 + 1 copy

Caspian the Orca Dragon

$300 + 1 copy

GizmoThis pen is intended to be a fullsize t-stroker! If any alterations are needed, please let me know if purchasing!

$300 + 1 copy

Stryga the Gargoyle (updated)$400 + Copy. Old style can be requested as well!

Randy the Reindeer$400 + 1 copy

Terminator$350 + 1 copy

Pizza Squish$100 + 1 copy

Party Boy!$300 + 1 copy

Bumble$175 + 1 copy

Dino Nuggets$100 each, or $150 for both + 1 copy of eachPterosaur and Brontosaur both available

Pearl$350 + 1 copy

Caelan$400 + 1 copy

Nood$250 + 1 copy

Yeti$250 + 1 copy

Daisy$350 + 1 copy

Ambrosia$350 + 1 copy

King Gleeok

$500 + 1 copy

Candy Claws, the Treat Fiend

$200 + 1 copy

Carlisle, the Headless Horseman

$300 + 1 copy

Jalapeno Dog

$200 + 1 copy

El Diablo

$200 + 1 copy

Nyx, the Hypno Dragon

$350 + 1 copy

Beaumont, the Sea Beast

$250 + 1 copy

Mushroom Dog

$200 + 1 copy


$150 + 1 copy

Aurora the Angel

$100 + 1 copy


$250 + 1 copy

Bubbles the Clown Dragon

$200 + 1 copy of toyBubbles is a fun and peppy little gal! She has a flared head and a dressed up shaft for showing off!

Nayeli (updated)

$200 + 1 copy of toy

The Magic Bean

$100 + 1 copyThe Magic Bean is a textured bean-shaped model intended to be a squishy or an egg!

Chico the Chupacabra

$200 + 1 copy


$200 + 1 copy of toy

Shooting Star!

$175 + 1 copy of toy

The King of Thieves

$200 + 1 copy of toy

Terms of Service

Updated as of 01/09/24All terms and services are subject to change as the artist deems fit, and as circumstances change. In the case of a unique circumstance not listed, please feel free to send an email or a DM on twitter to request clarification or needed information based on your case.


Payment is due upfront at the time of purchase in USD$. I am willing to do holds as well as partial payment plans as long as a discussion is placed beforehand.The buyer may possibly receive the model to look over before they decide to purchase it if asked, to make sure they are satisfied with the condition and look of the model.


Credit towards me is greatly appreciated! In the case you'd like to credit me, I ask that I be referred to as "Mako", "Skrimps" or "SrirachaSkrimps" and have my Twitter page or Carrd linked on the desired credit page, whatever seems most appropriate to the maker.

Toy Copies

I ask that all models be exchanged with a silicone copy of the model I've made. Sizes preferred are typically medium or small, but it is dependent on the model.I ask that I at least have first pick of pours made from the toy or that I can choose a pour of 2 or more colors in my desired size and firmness. The buyer is free to ask that I choose a different coloration if it isn't feasible.If the buyer is unable to send a copy of the toy at all, I will likely ask for the toy's equivalent price in USD.I'm not asking for the model to be sent in specific times, as it is understood that production times vary between shops.


If a buyer is no longer able to produce a model for any reason, they are able to resell to another shop or individual at a price they deem to be fair. Should the buyer decide they want to return the model to me to be resold, they may do so after discussion.

Premade Models

Premade models are already designed and ready to go. They're sold as-is and aren't available for major edits unless paid for. Minor edits are free and available to be made to models to make for easier production and printing.The prices are as such for the commercial rights to each model. They're made within a price range I'm most comfortable with offering for them.


Commissions aren't always open, so check by and ask if you're interested in a model made in my style! I'm up for things in a case-by-case basis so I would be better equipped to let the commissioner know once I know the details .
Commissions for Models:
I do NOT do physical copies of models, this pricing is ONLY for the digital sculpts.-
I can't always guarantee a model will look exactly like a sketch or drawing that is made, or exactly as the commissioner wants it designed. Designs will be interpreted as closely to the idea or prompt as possible, but may not exactly be what is intended!
I am more than willing to draw some sketches if the commissioner hasn't already done so, especially if when asking for a design. I will provide updates and ask for confirmation before I begin to sculpt.
I will also be providing updates throughout the sculpting process as much as possible. I may not have the time or ability to finish within the time quoted during the inquiry stage, and in that case I will let the commissioner know. I will not sacrifice quality for the sake of speed.
Commissions for Digital Paintings:
Commissions can be done either for models, sketches, or drawings. I am also more than happy to make art for an existing character too! If a commissioner wants art with their model that is purchased from me, I'm more than happy to produce it for a cheaper price than I would charge for a full commission.
Cancelling a Commission:
Should a commissioner need to cancel a commission for any reason, I would like to know before the model/painting is complete. If the model/painting is in the process of being worked on, then I will charge a 35% fee for my time and work. If they would like to cancel after I finished the commission, then I will charge a 50% fee. I may also ask to resell a model in this case.

I May Refuse to Sell If...

  • The buyer's commission idea makes me too uncomfortable! I am willing to do many themes, but I dislike themes such as: underage characters, parasitic creatures (this can be discussed!), unsanitary themes, and human faces.

  • I believe the transaction is unsafe and uncomfortable, or believe the buyer to be unreliable.

  • If the buyer has been unreliable or uncomfortable in the past.

  • I will also refuse to sell to people who may be uncomfortable with me. I am a pro-fiction porn artist outside of this hobby. I make an effort to separate this from my account because it's not my entire personality, nor is it the entirety of my life and interests.


Q: Are you willing to allow changes to characters after purchasing? (ex: Changing names, species, story, etc.)A: Yes, absolutely! Any characters that are labeled to be unable to change, such as OCs I turned into models, will be pre-identified as such. If you're still unsure, feel free to clarify with me. :o)

Q: Are you willing to be flexible with time constraints for receiving a model, once production starts?A: Yes. I'm more than happy to work with makers on any issue for that matter - I want to be able to help in any way that I can while also setting my boundaries (that's why I've got a TOS!).

Works in Progress

Here's what I got goin on! These WIPs are available to claim beforehand if you're interested. If I am the one to sculpt it, it may turn out a bit different from the original picture but I will always give updates. :o)I would like copies of all of these but if charging for an idea as well as a copy seems unfair, feel free to reach out! I don't bite!

Clawson the Skrimp

This idea is based on shrimp and how stinkin cute they are! I intend for the tail to be a way to stim while in use.I may or may not actually create this in sculpt and may leave it up to those who have more experience in sculpting. If you'd like, I could make more sketches to show other angles as well. I would like $50 for the concept.

Food themed Models

Separate ideas inspired by food themes! I'll slowly be hashing some of these out. Currently made: Jalapeno Dog and Taco Grinder (El Diablo).

Sold Models

Friends who have found new homes!Here you can look at an archived list of models and (once I am allowed) the shops they belong to! Names will be updated to the ones the makers decide upon. If you'd like, click the name of the maker for a link to their social media page, or the icon beneath it for their shop link!Note: Models with the ** next to their name haven't started production.

Anonymous Owners

Yeti **

Squirt **

Titania **

Pearl **

Mango **

Lacuna **


Made to Were


Alchemist Echidna


Kandi the Pinata**

Elemental Toys



The Brood Mother





Sensual Succubus

Butta Dawg**

Commissioned Pieces


Commissioned by Mould Forged

Base Commissioned by Alchemist Echidna


Commissioned by Moist Floppa

Knob Gobbler

Face part and Insert Commissioned by Mould Forged

Ice Cream Grinder

Commissioned by Nawty Toy Box**

LynelBoyfriend's Models

Hello! Here, I am hosting my partner's models with his permission. If you're interested in one of these fellows, please make sure to contact me!

Edgar, the Forest Sprite$300 + physical copy

Commission Info

For regularly updated commission availability and information such as turnaround times, please refer to my Trello, or inquire via Twitter DMs, email, or Discord.

Base Prices
- $100 for Squishies w/ ref provided
- $150 for Squishies w/out ref provided
- $300 for Full Toys w/ ref provided
- $350 for Full Toys w/out ref provided
- $450 for Penetrables w/ ref provided
(excludes mini pens)
- $500 for Penetrables w/out ref provided
(excludes mini pens)
Prices may increase based off of the complexity of these designs. Feel free to inquire about pricing and other information.I'd like a physical copy of all sculpts as well, but please feel free to let me know if that isn't possible.

I cannot guarantee a sketch would look exactly as a model would, but I would make sure to try to make it as close as possible to the sketch.

Here's some examples of how a sketch vs a model may appear. Normally I would do a more detailed sketch for a customer, but I can also make models based on more simple sketches. I have also had requests to change the shapes of models after sketches, so that can also differ from the sketch.

Themes I would refuse to make include: Underaged characters, unsanitary themes, parasitic creatures/themes (please discuss, my squick for this fluctuates), human faces/humanlike tongues, controversial themes or themes that I deem to be unsafe for the community